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Quiz: When is a ‘bubble’ both a cup of tea and coffee?

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Answer: When it's Bubble Tea from Brew Box as they are the latest addition to our growing chain of independent cafes in London to share their wall space to celebrate the artworks with their customers. Based at 120 Islington High Street, N1 8EG (a short walk from Angel station, next to Cotsworld Outdoor Shop towards Camden Passage), it is opened by two big-hearted childhood friends, Albert and Eric. Bubble Tea is made up of two parts, the tea which comes in a variety of appetizing and exotic flavours, and the large tapioca pearls that have a 'gummy bear' texture. Together you get a cool and refreshing beverage that's also fun to drink. They offer more than 15...

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Tagzee @ Outpost N7

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Don't miss this exhibition by one of our contributing artist, Tagzee! He is having his own one-man show at Outpost, a not-for-profit enterprise led by Peter Bedford Housing Association, located on 545 Holloway Road, London N7 6JP. We were there on Opening Night, together with friends and guests, to show our  support and to view some of Tagzee's amazing techniques which include ‘Metal Art on Recycled Cardboard and canvas’, ‘Puddle Art’ and ‘Abstract Paintings swiped with a credit card’.  Come and see them with your very own eyes. It's open until 8th May and we guarantee you, you will not be disappointed. Further details can be found on this link...

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Engaging hearts with art …..

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We would like to say a big thank you to the many buyers who connected with the paintings exhibited at our recent Ikea 'Home is where the Art is' exhibition. All these paintings were drawn from the heart, and it's good to know that they touched many hearts too. Here's just some of the buyers with big hearts and who love art. And best of all, 100% of the purchase price goes straight to the artists for a direct, positive and immediate impact - a 'feel-good' factor all down to their own talent. Cafe Art is all about engaging hearts with hearts ......! This squirrel better get used to eating pasta and pizza, ‘cos Giorgio is proudly han

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Watford: The new Broadway?

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Everyone here at Cafe Art believes it is! This is because as part of their Foundation Degree at University Hertfordshire (West Herts College campus), a group of eight Performing Arts students have organised, marketed and put together a charity event in aid of Cafe Art. They produced and performed in a variety show (Highlights Watford) that was held just this week (19/3), with all ticket sales donated to us. How amazing is that? A very first for Cafe Art! Together with two artists (James and Ray) and armed with a selection of artworks, we headed up to Watford. Not only were we treated to a really enjoyable evening of entertainment comprised of dance, music &...

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Love ART, Love HOME, Love IKEA

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Inspiring talent ..... Fabulous exhibition ..... Such great art.......Incredible display .... I love them all .... ! Comments from the first day of the exhibition. Why is that so? Simple! Firstly, they're all down to the talent of the artists and the homelessness organisations in supporting them in their pursue of their aspirations in art. And secondly, Ikea pulled out all the stops to embrace and celebrate the artworks and this exhibition from the very start. Not just by helping with the framing and hanging of the artworks, promoting the event to their customers, giving up vital 'income-generating space' in their packed Restaurant for the exhibit area,...

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