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Inspiring talent ..... Fabulous exhibition ..... Such great art.......Incredible display .... I love them all .... !
Comments from the first day of the exhibition. Why is that so? Simple!
Firstly, they're all down to the talent of the artists and the homelessness organisations in supporting them in their pursue of their aspirations in art.
And secondly, Ikea pulled out all the stops to embrace and celebrate the artworks and this exhibition from the very start. Not just by helping with the framing and hanging of the artworks, promoting the event to their customers, giving up vital 'income-generating space' in their packed Restaurant for the exhibit area, generously awarding a total grand prize of £1,000 for the top three favourite paintings as voted by the public, but also providing each and very artist who attended the Opening Night (14/3/2014) with a hot meal (Yes - their famous meatballs were on the menu!).
We like to thank the many artists and their support workers who came to the Opening Night. It was on a Friday evening, and also after a very long week. So we truly appreciate the support. It was also a proud moment for many of them, as the artworks are of a very high standard and complemented each other really well. And all exhibited at Ikea's flagship store!
Someone mentioned that the way the artworks were hung, it was like 'floating in heaven'. So we shan't say anymore, and hope you can make it to Ikea Wembley to experience it yourself. Let's say we like to keep you in suspense 'suspend'.
The exhibition is on until this Friday 21st March, and Ikea is open late until 10pm every weekday. We have 30 beautiful pieces from 10 different homelessness organisations represented in this exhibition. So there's no excuse why you shouldn't get to Ikea  to vote for your favourite drawing, as it's worth up to £1000 to the 3 talented artists and their art groups! Ikea Wembley is well served by public transport (and details can be found here), and the Restaurant serves food priced a lot cheaper than central London. See you there!
And throughout all of this, Ikea has remained quietly in the background to ensure that the spotlight is on the artists and their artworks. So, a very big and sincere thank you to everyone at Ikea Wembley for this amazing and generous opportunity, and especially to Nuno, Ida, Iain & their Team for their belief without which this would not have happened at all. And also to their Restaurant staff who made all of us so at home and welcomed.
We hope this unique exhibition will open up a whole new audience who has never experienced or are aware of such hidden talent in our community ......!

1 Comment

  1. Such a great exhibition and wonderful opportunity to meet the artists and learn more about their art! Loved the way IKEA hung the art works and gave everyone such a warm welcome; they have pulled out all the stops! Great signage too – simple and effective.

    Thanks to all at Café Art and congratulations on yet another great initiative

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