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London with no filter

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Like a good coffee, the photos in the My London calendar have no filter, and as such we launched the #NoFilterLondon campaign a few weeks ago. We got a great new micro-website and spent a day in Brick Lane talking to people. No Filter London came from a day with Prophet, a branding agency that helped us develop a micro-campaign to sell the 2015 calendar. The day was called Prophet for Non-Profits, they gave us some amazing ideas about how we can grow Cafe Art, several of which we plan to use next year. New eyes on our message The creative people at Prophet saw our photography project with new eyes and we loved the way they described us! They came up with Value...

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The Return of the Buyer

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No, it's not  a remake of a classic horror flick or even a bad Hollywood B-movie! It's the return of our big hearted buyer, Joe. If you remembered, Joe first connected with Cafe Art through an event that we ran at one of our partner cafes, Phoenix Blend E1,  in conjunction with The Challenge.  A group of brilliant and super energetic young adults woke up early one Sunday morning and went round the local area persuading the general public to view some beautiful artworks. One of them was Joe who kindly popped into the cafe and fell in love immediately with James's art. He bought not one, but three, that day. So you must have guessed how surprised we were to...

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How do you solve a problem like Maria?

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Easy! There's no problem whatsoever with this Maria! The big-hearted owner of Maria's Cafe at Borough Market, who is currently sharing her wall space with our artists,  loved the art hanging on her wall so much that she decided to buy one of them! So we took Mateus to meet Maria, and what a great afternoon it turned out to be. The both of them connected instantly and had a deep conversation together. Mateus was so touched and moved by what Maria had to say about her art. And that is not all. Maria is eyeing on another piece to buy, and we shall be arranging another artist to pop down for a cup of coffee with her soon. Well, this Maria is definitely an...

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The Prophet Experience – thanks guys!

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Cafe Art was really honoured and privileged to be invited to be part of an all day Prophet for Non Profit Workshop with four other organisations a few weeks ago. Prophet is an international consulting firm and agency that works with clients to drive growth through use of branding, marketing, design, analytics and innovation.  We have not managed to report it earlier as we are still gobsmacked and 'in a daze' by the amazing ideation and concepting that arose after just one day with them! We were allocated to a dedicated team of eight Propheteers, with a range of functional capabilities and specialties that matched our exact needs and requirement. And what a...

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