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What makes a good day even better?

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Given the 3 options below, which one would you choose? A. Reaping the rewards of your own hard work B. Making a positive impact on someone you don't know C. Go out shopping using other people's money For Cafe Art, it's all of the above, because that's what we did today 🙂 We took Lou Danby (who has behind the winning Oct and Dec shots in our 2015 calendar) to a second-hand camera shop in the West End. She took part in our simple 'calendar for credit' scheme whereby instead of taking cash for any of the calendars sold at our Spitalfields stand over Xmas, it will help pay towards either for an art course or a progressive personal project. For...

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With a little help from her friends …

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in News | Comments Off on With a little help from her friends …

What would you do if you don't sing out of tune? For Éimear, she decided to do something different and amazing. She came across Cafe Art by googling words that were passionate to her - art, society, homelessness, London etc. She dropped us an email and we met up to tell her a bit more about what we do. We're pleased to say that she immediately connected with the vision and ethos behind Cafe Art. So much so that she came up with a brilliant idea! Her birthday was coming up, and rather than throwing a bog standard party, she got a local pub to host a fund-raising event. No birthday presents, but for her family and friends to bid for donated artworks to raise...

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New artworks @ Oliver’s Village Cafe, NW3

Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in News | 2 comments

Having just put up some new artworks at Oliver's Village Cafe (NW3), we were really delighted to receive a call from one of the staff, Carla, towards the end of last week. She had some really good news for us. One of the customers, Barbara, not only enjoyed her cup of coffee, but also took the opportunity to view the artworks on display. She fell for one drawn by Mateus, and bought is as a gift for her son. How wonderful is that!  Thank you Barbara and Carla, and well done, Mateus!

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2014: A Reflection …..

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What a year the past 12 months have been 🙂 To start off, we welcomed a few new Cafes to our growing family of big-hearted owners and baristas. For example, The House Cafe gave us space to hold a solo exhibition for John Sheehy,  CoffeE7  was filled to the brim with the artists' works for 2 months, the owners of the newly opened Ezo Bistro not only shared their wall space, but also enlisted one of the artists to paint a mural too.  The artists' works also graced the walls of The Recovery Cafe and the unique Brew Box. As well as in a cafe where royalty once presided!   On top of that, we were given a chance to run our very own 'cafe' for a few days with...

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2015: Bring it on ……!

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We are off to a positive start with the artists, and it's only the first few weeks of the year! Firstly, we had a surprise email from a potential buyer who was interested in a piece of art that he saw on our website. Not only has this piece not been displayed in a Cafe for a while, but it has also been returned back to Anthony, the artist. Can you imagine the smile on Anthony's face when he got a call out of the blue from us to tell him that? Armed with his huge canvas, we all met up at King's Cross station on a cold winter's day (13/1/15) with Adam, the buyer. His interest in Anthony's painting sure warmed all of us up immediately. As you know, Cafe Art is...

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