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The faces behind the brush strokes

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What better way to say thank you to a Cafe for exhibiting the artworks than bringing the 'whole family' along. That's just what Cafe Art did. The 'family' of artists made their way up to north-west London to the plush, green surroundings of Belsize Village, NW3 where Oliver's Village Cafe is. The people behind this beautiful cafe has been supportive of Cafe Art ever since we started. Emma, one of the artists who has two of her beautiful paintings on display, presented Caroline, the owner, with a bouquet of flowers to express everyone's gratitude for sharing the wall space with the artists. It was also a chance for  Caroline and her staff to meet some of the...

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Cafe Art in the Citi

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Cafe Art connected with one of the largest employers in London, Citi, with an exhibition in their Canary Wharf head office restaurant this month. Not only did we have a table to greet Citi employees on Monday but yesterday David Tovey spoke to the Citi Photography Club. David explained his story, which went from successful businessman and chef to unexpectedly losing everything after having a stroke and becoming homeless. He showed a small selection of photographs that he had taken during that time, including explaining how the focus of one image was of the dirt on the window from the upstairs of a London bus - a place where many homeless people go to during...

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Cafe Art photo contest next month!

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The Cafe Art Photography Contest is next month so we thought we should whet everyone's appetite by showing another 44 of last year's photos that appeared on the Photo Wall at Spitalfields Arts Market! (see the top 20 here) On 3 July, with the support of The Royal Photographic Society, 100 single-use cameras will be handed out again from the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, and the participants will have 5 days to take photos with the theme 'My London'. Bike man by Urial Lopez ◄ Back Next ...

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Brazilian visitors add to wave of hope

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London, 15 April, 2015. “Yesterday was the best day of my life since having my stroke back in April 2011. I’m feeling empowered to make a change! All it takes is one person to better another person, but if he can help 2 people and then they help 2 people each then it creates a wave! A wave of hope! That’s my gift! HOPE,”  wrote David Tovey, London artist and photographer who helped us host the visitors last week after we farewelled the visitors at a brainstorming session at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation on Friday. Last week we believe that we gained a lot more than we gave when a group of Brazilian artists visited London in preparation for Rio...

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