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Only one ‘wei’ to get to The Royal Academy …

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in News | Comments Off on Only one ‘wei’ to get to The Royal Academy …

As part of the winning raffle prize donated by Cafe Art at the Pop-Up Painting event held earlier this year, the winners, Louise Watson and Tim Sprague, took advantage of the break in the cold weather and headed off to The Royal Academy to view the Ai Weiwei exhibition. Congratulations! Thanks again to all those that took part and also to Pop-up Painting!

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Homeless voices: a lesson from Brazil

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in News | 2 comments

I felt like interrupting the guy in front of me: “wouldn’t this one be better?” I quickly checked myself: it was his choice, his voice. The return of the contest photos to participants, and selection by them for the exhibition, happened on a hot muggy Monday afternoon in a São Paulo homeless day centre called Porto Seguru. Everyone was asked to choose five photos for the exhibition. Despite having some great shots of places, including buildings and of São Paulo’s famous street murals, the guy making the selection was only choosing photos of people. I later realised that some of the other participants chose people over other topics in their photos too...

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My Sydney is happening!

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Another photo contest, another 2016 calendar! This time the pilot is in Sydney Australia so please check them out on Kickstarter. Mike Allwright approached us a few months ago and we have given him advice about how to run the project. With many people from all over the world contacting us about running pilots since our own Kickstarter publicised My London earlier this year, we are more than happy for Mike and Sophie to run a pilot now - they will share what they have learned with other cities next year. The last time we checked My Sydney was almost 50% funded towards their total so please support them (and this is with none of the images uploaded yet! We...

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My London, My São Paulo

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Café Art is hosting the My London, My São Paulo Exhibition, plus a selection of paintings from Café Art artists at Carousel London, 71 Blandford St, London W1U 8AB on Tuesday 1 December 2015, 6.30pm – 8.30pm. The Brazilian photos come from a pilot project, which was funded by With One Voice as part of an exchange between Brazil and the UK. It's free to get in but space is limited so please book here on Eventbrite It will be the world premiere of the Sao Paulo photographs. The London contest was held in July, with 100 disposable cameras handed out to London people affected by homelessness. The top 20 photos were voted on by the public in August and...

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Definition of ‘haircut’

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You may have come across the term 'haircut' being mentioned frequently in the papers during the recent Greek financial crisis. According to Wikipedia, a 'haircut' is the difference between the market value of an asset used as loan collateral and the amount of the loan. The amount of the haircut reflects the lender's perceived risk of loss from the asset falling in value or being sold in a fire sale... etc etc etc. Here at Cafe Art we prefer to keep things simple and cut to the chase. Remember our yearly Arts Market at Spitalfields Market? Remember how we love for the general public to connect with the artists at all levels? Well, picture the scene. A...

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