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Raw beauty in Budapest

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The most striking difference between the MyBudapest exhibition, which opened last night, and MyLondon, is the content: the photographers show their lives in a personal way. One hundred one-time-use cameras were given to the participants and they had around five days to photograph their Budapest in July. ...

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Cafe Art welcomes 42beans …..!

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There's a great crowd of tourists and they're coming down the street Pleased as punch with brand new Doctor Martens on their feet Past stalls with leather jackets, old bric-a-brac Indian sunglasses or a Chinese bobble hat In Camden Town I'll meet you by the underground In Camden Town we'll walk there as the sun goes down In Camden Town In Camden Town you can do anything you want to .... and so that's how it goes with the 1995 hit song 'Camden Town' by Suggs/Madness. If there's one line we like to change, it would be the chorus "In Camden Town I'll meet you at 42beans" - we know, it doesn't quite rhyme, but we love it! 42beans is a brand new cafe...

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What’s the ONE event you need to go to in 2016?

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What else, but the ONE Festival! Held at the Diorama Arts Studios located at 201 Drummond Street, NW1 (just a short stroll from either Euston or Warren Street tube), this two-month long festival is a celebration of the arts by Londoners who have experienced homelessness. The Festival includes films revealing personal accounts of homelessness, poetry and live painting, as well as an exhibition of beautiful artworks including a section celebrating the 10th anniversary of Homeless Diamonds (what an amazing achievement, and well done to Jen, Gasan and all the contributing artists/poets etc!) and some beautiful pieces from Chris Wilson. The Festival is...

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MyLondon 2017 calendar: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read all about it …..

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Here are just some of the many online blogs on the Cafe Art MyLondon 2017 calendar. Thank you so much for the support everyone. Cafe Art is a very tiny organisation with no dedicated marketing or PR department - hence, it's much appreciated...

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941 entries + 34 countries = 1 Amadeus!

Posted by on Aug 13, 2016 in News | 2 comments

Our heartfelt congratulations to Amadeus Xavier, a winning photographer from the Cafe Art MyLondon 2015 photo contest, whose photograph has been shortlisted in this year's prestigious international Art Gemini Prize! The selection committee included Pamela Kember, Sajid Rizvi, Estelle Lovatt, Isabel H Langtry and Thorsten Overgaard. His entry entitled "Sleeping Rough" has been chosen out of an amazing 941 entries from 34 countries! It was taken on Tottenham Court Road in London, and was one of the 28 shots in his single-use Fujifilm camera during the 2015 contest. The ArtGemini Prize is a celebration to promote international contemporary art for emerging and...

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