Can you help us with MyLondon?

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A volunteer helps a participant choose 5 photos for the exhibition: can you help hand out cameras on 30 June or with the exhibition selection on 11 July? [photo Neil Cordell]

Hello, we're looking for people who would like to help us with the annual MyLondon project!

The camera handout day is on Friday 30 June.

The main details are:

Location: The Wren Suite, The Crypt, St Paul's Cathedral (entrance opposite "Paul" Cafe on the north side)

Volunteers need to arrive by 11.30am, unless specifically asked to come in early. There are two handout sessions, because the room is not large enough: the first session will start at 12 noon and the second one at 1.30pm. We start by letting people have some Pret a Manger sandwiches and then we quickly do a short session to remind people how to use the one-time-use camera, the goals of the project and important facts such as the theme and when to return it (5 days later!).

The volunteers should be able to leave by 2.30pm as the second group winds down and people head off.

We should be OK for the return day, as it's fairly straightforward (Wednesday 5 July) but the next big day that we need help is Tuesday the 11th of July. On this day people are asked to drop by and pick up their photos and choose five for the exhibition and write captions.

We need volunteers between 11am and 4pm on that day.

This was a new event last year and so we know that we need enough volunteers to sit down with the photographers. A laptop would be a help for this event.

There are several other roles on other days, including preparing the cameras in the last week of June, numbering the photographs in early July and preparing the exhibition in late July.

Please email if you can help us!


  1. Hi, I would love the opportunity to volunteer and get involved with cafe art. I have bought the amazing calendar consecutively for two years now and have even bought it for friends. I love the cause and think it is a great way to raise awareness of homelessnes, and also to give the homeless a creative outlet and a voice. I am a recent graduate and am looking to begin a career in helping the homeless, so this would also be a great opportunity for me to get some first hand experience.

    I really look forward to hearing from you and hopefully helping you in any way I can. .

    • Hi Georgina, Thanks so much for your kind offer and support – it’s much appreciated! And also for your kind words. At the end of the day, Cafe Art won’t be able to function without big-hearted individuals, like yourself. We have noted your email and shall be in touch shortly. Many thanks again ….! Best, Cafe Art Team

  2. Hi Paul

    I saw an ad that you need volunteers for this event on 30 June 2017 and 11 July. I would be able to help from 11 to 1 on either of these days if that helps.

    Good luck with this great project.


    • Hi Lucas,
      Many thanks for your kind offer of help – it’s very much appreciated! We have noted the details and will be in touch shortly. Look forward to seeing you …. Best, Michael

  3. I would be more than happy to help, with camaras or in anyway other way that I can. I will see you on the 30th.

    • Hi Michael, Many thanks for your kind offer of help at this year’s photo contest. It’s much appreciated! We have noted the details and will be in touch shortly. Look forward to seeing you on the day …. Best, Michael

  4. Hi Paul ad Michael. With great help I will help 30 June 2017 and 11 July. I am at your disposal all day. Regards Kris

    • Hi Krzysztof, Good to hear from you and hope all is well. Many thanks for your kind offer of help – appreciated! We shall be in touch shortly. Take care …. Best, Michael

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