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UN director general to open Cafe Art exhibition

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Formerly homeless women from the Cafe Art disposable camera photography projects will open an exhibition of photographs titled Women Without Walls with Mr Michael Møller, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva on Monday 1 October. Women Without Walls - Photography Exhibition, in partnership with the UNECE, UN Geneva and Cafe Art, showcases photographs taken on disposable cameras from five projects for people affected by homelessness. See the 20 exhibition photos here Photographs are from photography projects with homeless and recently homeless women in London, Budapest, Sydney, New Orleans and Toronto. Three of the 20 photographers will...

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Where DOES the money go?

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The profits from the sale of the photos and the annual MyLondon calendar goes to the photographers and also pays for the other art projects run by Cafe Art. Photographers, artists and calendar sellers affected by homelessness have earned more than £150,000 from selling photos and calendars since 2012. Cafe Art has paid out more money to the artists and photographers than paid staff. We don’t have office overhead costs, as we are given free storage near Spitalfields market and we use free wifi in cafes. Cafe Art’s paid staff are director Paul Ryan and development manager Sarah Caldwell Watson. James Gray, a formerly homeless artist, began working regularly...

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Remembering Alex

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Before she died Alex Davies didn't know she had won first prize in the MyLondon Photography Contest. I only met Alex once, or at least only once that I remember as I must have seen her when she picked up the camera, but she made a lasting impression on me. Alex had two photos chosen for the MyLondon top 20 photos in July 2014. She had taken camera number 1 of the 100 we handed out at St Paul's Cathedral a few weeks earlier and I later found out that she had arrived early and was first in line. I arranged to interview her in a cafe in Islington, metres from where she had taken her winning photos. While both were in the top 20 as chosen by the judges, I...

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