How Cafe Art connects

Cafe Art connects the general public, businesses, corporations, art lovers, cafe lovers, in fact, anyone who has a big heART, through our five unique & inspiring programmes. To find out more, just contact us at
  1. Art in Cafes Since early 2012 we have framed paintings and drawings by people affected by homelessness in London, and hung them in cafes. We have more than 20 cafes participating in the programme and almost as many art groups run by homelessness-sector charities.
  2. MyLondon The photo competition, exhibition and annual MyLondon calendar engages hundreds of people affected by homelessness. We are a social enterprise for people affected by homelessness and profits from the sales of the calendar and photographs helps funds the entire business.
  3. The Cafe Art Arts Market at Spitalfields E1 This week-long market involves the art groups running their own market stall to sell and/or exhibit paintings. We also launch the MyLondon exhibition and calendar here. This year it will be running from 10-17 October!
  4. 'This is Where I Live' international art exchange This started with a swap between freshart New York and Cafe Art in 2013. In 2014 Melbourne was added and in 2015 Berlin. The concept is simple: the art is sent in a tube and framed by the host organisation. It is the first international art exchange in the world as far as we know!
  5. 'Home is Where the Art is' art rental scheme for businesses and corporations. We sell and rent art to corporations in London. This project has been going for a few years. As with all our programmes, we engage the artists in the project and they are paid for their art.
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