This is a small selection of paintings to whet your caffeine & art-seeking appetite. Many of these are part of our year-round exhibition in the participating cafes. Some have been sold, others are for sale. If you would like to buy anything you see, please let us know.

The artists love your feedback

You've been to the cafes, You've had your cup of coffee, You've seen the amazing artworks, Now give us your feedback! That's all we want and nothing else! These artists would truly appreciate your words of encouragement, your thoughts on their artworks, what you would like to see more of at the Cafes, tips/advice etc.


  1. Wow Mike, what a website!!

  2. Wow, what a great piece – would love to know the inspiration behind this one 🙂

  3. Purchased a fantastic drawing from Jow yesterday that was exhibited at Oliver’s Village cafe. Wonderful project, lovely people. Great art!

  4. Well done Michael. A fantastic tool for ferrying talent and encouragement. Love it! Love the hearts from above 🙂

  5. How wonderful that this work is out of the cupboard and up on the walls where it adds so much pleasure to my coffee break. It is far more interesting than Bond Street if you ask me!

  6. Some great stuff being shown; as a part-time artist I know how hard it is to consistently achieve high standards. Don

  7. Most impressed with Stuart’s work – but it takes a long time to download! Will have to wait til later to see all these amazing pics!

  8. I’m looking forward to see this exhibit!

  9. Brillant!!!

    • Dear Sue,

      Thanks for your kind words and support – appreciated!
      Apologies for the late reply as we had a slight problem with our email system our the festive period, but has now been rectified 🙂
      Enjoy the beautiful artworks by these talents artists for 2015 ….

      Cafe Art Team

  10. Brillant, hope you keep it going Life is Art.

    • Thanks again, Sue. You are absolutely right. Life is Art.
      These artists live, breath and live art. That’s why the paintings/drawings are so varied and stunning ….!
      Cafe Art Team

  11. What a fantastic and life affirming project! As Picasso said “Art washes away the dust of everyday life” . Liberate art from the galleries!

    • Thanks, Andy, for your kind comments – appreciated!

  12. What a fabulous collect of art work. It lifts the spirit to see all this talent expressed. I live in Nottingham, is there a way to buy any of the prices other than by visiting the london cafes?

    • Hi Claire, Thanks for your kind words which I’m sure the artists would be most pleased to hear! One of the main ‘highlights’ (and unique selling point) is that we try and encourage both buyer and artist to meet up at the cafe to share their stories, over a cup of coffee. It makes it a more meaningful and uplifting purchase for both parties as it brings together two complete strangers whose life paths would never have met, except this instance for their shared love of art.
      But we do understand that this cannot happen all the time, especially in situations like yours! But do take a look at what’s on the website and let us know which one you like. We have to apologise that we don’t have all the art up online as we hope to create a bigger gallery next year. So that’s more beautiful ones to come 🙂
      Let us know if you have any other queries or if we can be of further assistance. Thanks again for your interest and support – appreciated …!

  13. Some amazing artworks here! I especially liked the pictures by Curry O’Shea, Daren Buckley, Thomas Herod, and Lucas Koval.

    It’d be nice to be able to leave comments on each artwork individually (like you can do on DeviantArt for example) – it’s a little cumbersome to do it here on one page, particularly since at least a few of the pictures have the same name. I hope that’s something you add when you update this section!

  14. I found out about this wonderful project on Facebook today from a homelessness group I belong too. As an artist I firmly believe that art can change the world one person at a time through socially conscious artists and art work.

    As a Youth Care Worker in my other life I understand how youth are affected by poverty and all of the other social issues that go along with it and more often than not result in homelessness. Bravo for taking this on!

  15. I wish the artists did some work on mass migration of the Anglo-Saxons to Africa, Asia, Austrlia, Americas and how this race (Anglos-Saxon race helped destroy the planet by means of spreading capitalism and individualism amidst the ignorant peoples of those countries.
    We must start to remind the Anglo-Saxons that they are the first and foremost diaspara. Mass migration was started in the 17th century by the Anglo-Saxons migrating en mass to Asia, Americas, Africa and in 18 and 19 Century to Australia. This fact needs be emplhacised so that the Anglo-Saxons will come to know and be aware of their own history of migration and taking illegal possession of the countries to which they migrated.

  16. The art on the 6th page, second from last by Tom Hair is amazing! My style of art indeed! It’s simple, but I love the colours and how it gradually changes from a darker blue and/or black to a pretty blue at the bottom. I’m a sucker for geometrical kind of works. I just want to say what a wonderful idea this entire project is. I won’t lie, I actually found this project by chance, because I was looking for ways in which I could put art into cafes, but this is amazing. Honestly. I absolutely love art, I think that anyone can do it if it means something to them, you know? I’m a college student, so I probably don’t know all that much about it in reality, but I really think when you put your heart into a piece of work, it shows; and it really does show in all of these images. I dunno what else to say really, other than keep doing what you’re doing!! I hope that it can reach the more Northern parts of England too, as I live up in Yorkshire. I love seeing art in cafes and it’d be great seeing some of these artists’ work as well 🙂

  17. I particularly like the picture on page 5, 4th one along on the top row by Mateus. She is right not to name her work, there is so much to see and everyone will see something different. Where is her work exhibited? How much is that painting and what size is it?

    • Hi Bernadette, Thanks for your comments and apologies for the delay in getting back. Mateus is an amazing artist and we love to share more of her work with you. It would be easier if you could drop us a line on Many thanks again for the interest – appreciated!

  18. Hi, saw the article on the BBC web page and I think what has been achieved is fantastic. Love the Artwork. Well done all.

    • Hi Nicholas, Thanks for your email and all of us, including the participants, were surprised and humbled by the BBC coverage. At the end of the day, all praise goes to the photographers, artists and the people we’re trying to support, as well as big-hearted individuals, like yourself. Many thanks again …. Best, Michael

  19. Made me think about the people behind the art. Faceless, unknowns, invisible to so many but so glad you are able to have the space and somewhere to go where you can put words into art form. Love the website. I will share this website with colleagues, learners, family and friends.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Apologies for the delay in replying and thank you for your kind words – appreciated! All praise goes to the artists/photographers themselves as well as big-hearted people like you who believe and support the project. Without it, we con’t exist! Many thanks again ….. Best, Michael

  20. Michael, Paul and all involved – you continue to be an inspiration to us all! Long may you continue your brilliant work. Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas 2016 and a very fruitful 2017! Global Sunflowers Project for Mental Health

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thank you so very much for your kind words of support – much appreciated. As we always say, at the end of the day without the talent of contributing artists, like Curry, and big-hearted supporters, like yourself, Cafe Art won’t exist. We still fondly remember Curry’s beautiful contribution to our first calendar, and shall continue to celebrate his talent and life, together with the Global Sunflowers Project for Mental Health. Many thanks again and a very happy, peaceful and fulfilling 2017 to you and family ….. Best, Michael & Paul

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