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The FujiFilm single-use camera captured the attention from the world's media when our 2015 Kickstarter campaign went viral. (Read the 2016 coverage here)

Every year Cafe Art publishes a calendar as part of the MyLondon Photo Project. It is supported by The Royal Photographic Society and endorsed by Homeless Link.

See 2018 MyLondon top 20, including the 2019 MyLondon calendar photos

Pre-order the 2019 MyLondon calendar here.


The issue of homelessness is at the centre of the MyLondon photography project. Run by social enterprise Café Art, the annual photography project has been a success because of the way it has empowered people affected by homelessness in many ways, including:

- engaging people in a photography project, giving them new skills including meeting people and photographic skills

- telling their personal stories in the exhibition and calendar

- giving participants skills in running an exhibition and selling photographs and calendars in a market.

Some people say that calendars are becoming redundant – people have one on their smartphones now. However we have found that they are still a popular item to buy at the end of the year and as a Christmas/Holiday gift. We know things change and we are sure we can adapt in some way in the future. By producing a calendar we can plan the project annually, so although it does not provide full-time work, it does provide supported employment experience for many people.

Read more about the 2019 MyLondon calendar on Kickstarter.

Pre-order the 2019 MyLondon calendar here

Printed in London

The Cafe Art MyLondon calendar has always been proudly printed in London by Printhouse Corporation.

The project could be run without the calendar component and we encourage partners to share their experiences of running exhibition projects.


There are many reasons why it’s easier to use a single-use film camera.

Every year about 10% of the cameras are not returned for various reasons, including of course the participant having an unstable housing situation. Losing 10 single-use cameras is not a huge problem – if they were digital it could be.

Another reason is that by having only 26 images to take, the participant has to use skills, such as planning.

Also, the management of developing about 90 roles of film is straightforward. If everyone had a digital camera it would be logistically difficult to upload all the images and get ready for selection.


We hope that you are inspired by our project in a similar way that we were inspired by the following projects, which led to the current MyLondon format.

Hope in Shadows

Paul Ryan worked on the Hope in Shadows photography project in Vancouver, Canada for seven years between 2005 and 2012. During that time he was able to develop that model, and many of the features are in the MyLondon project.


“PhotoVoice” is a general term for a methodology involving photography and narratives. It’s also the name of a UK charity promoting photography projects with marginalised people. They run projects with UK and overseas charities and they run training programmes in London.

The inclusion of the photo wall resulted from training with PhotoVoice who encourage inclusion of everyone in the project from start to finish. The PhotoVoice method with marginalised communities involves a smaller group of participants using digital cameras over a longer period of time (up to 10 sessions) and we recommend that you look into what they are doing if you want to set up a smaller project. Find out more on

Academic research: In 2012 Natalie Robinson did a Master’s thesis on Hope in Shadows. Several of her recommendations were followed by MyLondon.

Buy the Cafe Art 2019 MyLondon calendar on Kickstarter from 15 August to 15 September 2018.


  1. How can I ordr the 2016 calender which photos were taken by homeless people?

  2. It is a very good idea and I like the calendar very much. I have bought my second copy last October during my holidays in London. I had the chance to get it from Richard Fletcher, the artist of the March-photo. He signed my copy of the calendar with best wishes and we had a good conversation. Thank you very much for the possibilities of this project.

    Best wishes to you all and hopefully until next autumn in London!

    Andrea from Germany

    • Hi Andrea, Thank you for your comments – appreciated! We’re so glad to hear that you liked the wonderful images and narratives in the new MyLondon 2017 calendar, as well as having the opportunity to meet and chat with one of the winning photographers himself – Richard! Without the support and believe from big-hearted individuals, like yourself, the project won’t succeed. Therefore, thank you so very much from all the participants and Cafe Art. Frohes Neues Jahr and see you next autumn ….! Best, Michael

  3. hi,the calender is awesome.i would really like one.just tell me what to do and how to do it.cost and freight.k

    • Hi – the calendar is awesome as you say and we are very happy to let you know how you can buy it.

      If you live in the UK, the price is £9.99 plus postage and packaging of £4. So the total price is £13.99.

      If you live in the EU your postage and packaging is £5 – so the total price is £14.99.

      If you live in any other country – USA, Canada, South America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, your postage price is £8. So the total price is £17.99.

      You can see how much that is in your own currency here:

      You can pay via our online shop here:

      Thanks again and we hope you buy it.


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