MyLondon: a different perspective

The photos in the MyLondon calendar are created from a five-day photography contest every year in June.

One hundred people affected by homelessness were be given Fujifilm Quicksnap one-time-use (also known as 'disposable') cameras. With training and support from members of The Royal Photographic Society, the contest produced more than 2,500 images of London as seen from the perspectives of people affected by homelessness.

Public to choose 2019 calendar photos

An experienced panel of judges representing The RPS, Fujifilm, Homeless Link, Christie’s, Amateur Photography magazine, the London Photo Festival and a photographer who had experienced homelessness chose an exhibition. From this selection the public vote for their favourites and this helps us choose the calendar.

Connecting people through photography

All the winning photographers were involved in the calendar production, providing stories and photographs as one of the aims of the project is to connect people through the narratives as well as the images. Homelessness can affect many people and everyone has a different story. The goal of this calendar was to increase understanding of the issues surrounding homelessness in a positive way.

Seven thousand 2019 MyLondon calendars and 1,000 MyBrighton & Hove calendars will be printed, up from 3,000 when we began in 2013. Thousands of pounds have been earned by the vendors and photographers, with the remaining income going back into the project. All the winners in the exhibition received prizes: £50 for the photographs in the exhibition and £100 for the ones in the calendar. Two winning photos, the judges' choice and the public choice, received £150 each. All the prize money comes from income earned from the sale of the calendar. The Royal Photographic Society also donated prizes for the 2nd and 3rd judges' choices and the 2nd and 3rd public choices.

From 8 October 2018 participants in the contest will sell the calendar for £9.99.

The goal of this project is to empower people to help themselves and gain confidence while earning money for themselves at the same time.

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  1. Thank you, Printhouse Corporation, the printer of our past three consecutive calendars!


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