Ikea Art Exhibition: Did you choose the winning painting?

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With nearly 250 written comments and almost 1,500 votes cast by the general public in a week, we have been overwhelmed by the positive support shown to the artists and their artworks at our recent 'Home is where the Art is' exhibition held at Ikea's flagship store in Wembley. We are pleased to inform you that the votes have been counted and we have the results for the top three favourite public paintings below. The exhibition was covered by a number of local newspapers, including GetWestLondon. But first, here are just some of the many public comments from our guest book: Fabulous exhibition and a great cause Incredible display of incredible...

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Engaging hearts with art …..

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We would like to say a big thank you to the many buyers who connected with the paintings exhibited at our recent Ikea 'Home is where the Art is' exhibition. All these paintings were drawn from the heart, and it's good to know that they touched many hearts too. Here's just some of the buyers with big hearts and who love art. And best of all, 100% of the purchase price goes straight to the artists for a direct, positive and immediate impact - a 'feel-good' factor all down to their own talent. Cafe Art is all about engaging hearts with hearts ......! This squirrel better get used to eating pasta and pizza, ‘cos Giorgio is proudly han

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Love ART, Love HOME, Love IKEA

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Inspiring talent ..... Fabulous exhibition ..... Such great art.......Incredible display .... I love them all .... ! Comments from the first day of the exhibition. Why is that so? Simple! Firstly, they're all down to the talent of the artists and the homelessness organisations in supporting them in their pursue of their aspirations in art. And secondly, Ikea pulled out all the stops to embrace and celebrate the artworks and this exhibition from the very start. Not just by helping with the framing and hanging of the artworks, promoting the event to their customers, giving up vital 'income-generating space' in their packed Restaurant for the exhibit area,...

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Ikea …….. I care!

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The artists, their homelessness organisations & support workers, together with Cafe Art, are proud to announce our second unique exhibition for 2014. This time it's with our longest supporter who has been with us right from the very start. IKEA!  Did you know that they have been quietly supplying the beautiful frames for the paintings that hang in our partner Cafes? Well, they have moved the goal post yet again. They have opened up space in their popular Restaurant located on the first floor of their flagship London store to accommodate a visual spectacle of stunning artworks ever to be assembled in one location in Wembley! None of these pieces have been...

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A Night to Remember!

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We can finally unveil to all you Londoners out there our first exhibition for the artists for 2014. Like all our previous exhibitions, it's a celebration of art created by artists not from one single homelessness organisation, but all your favourite ones. In fact, eleven of them and all under one roof! And this is no ordinary roof.  The artists are really thrilled and excited that their works are honoured alongside the 10th anniversary celebration of Allen & Overy's flagship global community arts programme, Artbeat. Launched in 2003, it uses art as a vehicle through which to inspire, engage and increase the confidence of young people. (Right up our street...

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Something’s happening ……

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Cafe Art has been busy this weekend installing a very special exhibition for all you Londoners out there. It's still under wraps, but we can safely tell you that, again, like all our our exhibitions, it celebrates the work of artists supported by all these amazing homelessness organisations - 240 Project, BCHA, Broadway London, C4WS Homeless Project, Crisis, Holy Cross Trust, One Support, Providence Row, St Mungo's , SHP and Wyntham Hall. Where else can you find an exhibition so varied, so colourful, so dynamic and all under one roof! And this is no ordinary roof, because it belongs to one of London's leading legal firms in the City. The Private View will be...

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