2017 MyLondon exhibition (featuring 2018 MyLondon calendar photos)

Every year we have a photography contest with disposable cameras. We give them out with the goal of empowering people affected by homelessness - to give them skills, confidence and eventually to earn some money by selling the photos and the annual MyLondon calendar.

On 30 June 2017 100 Fujifilm one-time-use cameras were given out at St Paul's Cathedral.

The goal was not to focus on homelessness, but to capture the London they love. After five days the cameras were returned and the film was processed. The resulting 2,500 images were printed in colour and in black and white and a selection panel made up of professional photographers and people affected by homelessness chose 20 for the MyLondon exhibition - the photos below.

After a public vote in early August 2017 13 were chosen for the 2018 MyLondon calendar which was sold on a Kickstarter crowdfundraiser until Saturday 16 September. The calendar was launched on World Homeless Day - Tuesday 10 October, 2017.

Please order your 2018 MyLondon calendar today!

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