2016 MyLondon exhibition (featuring 2017 MyLondon calendar photos)

The 2016 Cafe Art MyLondon Photography Contest was held between 1 & 6 July when 105 one-time-use FujiFilm cameras were handed out at St Paul's Cathedral, London. The top 20 images were chosen by a panel of judges from the photography and homeless sectors, including Amateur Photographer magazine, Christie's, London Photo Festival, FujiFilm, Photographer Ken Lennox and a former contest winner David Tovey. The top 20 photos were voted on by the public in Spitalfields Market between 1 & 7 August, 2016. The first 13 photos in the vote made it into the 2017 MyLondon calendar. They are listed here in no particular order: the winners will be announced on Monday 10 October when we launch the calendar. Please come to the award ceremony! We are also launching the exhibition in the evening at the Qbic Hotel, 42 Adler Street, London E1 1EE between 5.30 and 7.30pm! Everyone is invited to that celebration too! You can order the calendar and any of the photos below here Watch the 3 minute long Kickstarter video! Thank you to the 311 people who supported us as early backers from August 11 to September 10, 2016!
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